What Would You Like to Know?

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Absolutely. You go to the calendar or text the doctor to book an appointment.

What devices can I use for my visits?

You can use your cell phone, laptop or desktop and connect with the doctor by clicking on the link provided to you at the time of booking an appointment .

Can I see the doctor in person?

At this time, Dr. Kaushal is devoted to channelizing her energy into serving a greater population of kids across California and hence focusing on doing virtual visits.

What if my child is very sick?

Dr. Kaushal can assess the severity of your child's illness through an audio/video visit and can direct you to a local urgent care or emergency room if she thinks that your child needs to be assessed in person.

How is your service different from my primary care doctor?

Dr. Kaushal is not your primary care doctor and will not be providing vaccinations and well child checks for your child. She is different because of ease of accessibility. When you need immediate advice and don't wish to go through answering services to get to a doctor or drive to an urgent care or ER, Dr. Kaushal will be directly available by text or phone call to address your concerns.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

At this time, Dr. Kaushal is not billing insurance companies. Our flat fee policy makes sure that every child gets evaluated at an affordable price during these difficult times. if you feel like you will need to seethe doctor more than once a week, do look into the membership model. Dr. Kaushal is happy to send you a receipts for your visits which can then be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.

What if my child needs a prescription?

Dr. Kaushal will call in any needed prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice after assessing your child.

What are the benefits of membership?

With membership comes peace of mind while keeping your cost of care low. You will have the benefit of scheduling consults as the need arises. Great choice for new parents and parents with multiple children.