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Benefits of Getting Care from Dr. Kaushal


Meet her virtually from anywhere by just using a smart device or a computer.


No need to drive to the ER or Urgent Care for issues that can be dealt with from home.


Meet her not just during regular office hours but also during weekends, holidays and after hours.


Be assured that your child is only getting seen by a Board Certified Pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in treating medical issues in children.


The cost of seeing Dr. Kaushal is much less than your copay at most ERs and Urgent Cares.


Imagine knowing that if your child gets sick, you can directly reach out to Dr. Kaushal by text or phone. Priceless.


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Patients Speak Their Mind


I have two kids: 10 month and 5 year old! Dr. Kaushal’s care and guidance has been critical in ensuring my kids good health and positive development. As a mother of two children herself, Dr. Kaushal has boundless capacity to empathize, comfort, and encourage parents who very often deal with anxiety about raising their children “perfectly”. Dr. Kaushal is so resourceful and up to date with latest research in pediatrics and hence my most reliable source to ensure my kids safety and excellent health during different developmental phases! Especially with her tele-health services, she has ALWAYS picked up my phone and texted/emailed me back whenever I have needed immediate advise. I absolutely trust her and highly recommend her to any parent from diverse backgrounds and with kids from different age groups.

Gitima Sharma
Patient's mother